SCARF 2009 Videos

From The Southern California Annual Rickenbacker Fest 2009 at The Yost Theater.

The Rickenbrothers

"Under The Milky Way":

Joey: backing vocals, tambourine
Paul A: guitar and backing vocals
Paul S: drums, backing vocals
Rich: guitar
Tony: lead vocals
Trotty: bass guitar, backing vocals
Vito: guitar, backing vocals

 Performance Videos

 The Rickenbrothers set list:

  1. I Need To Know
  2. Zero Hour
  3. Under The Milky Way
  4. The Killing Moon
  5. Million Miles Away
  6. Blood And Roses
  7. Sink Or Swim (Trotty original)



Thanks to the Hall family of RIC for a great SCARF 2009 event!

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